Lottoraiser is an online iTicket selling system

LottoRaiser is an online Lotto iTicket selling system.

This is a software that has been created to allow local clubs, charities and societies the ability to run their local lotto on-line with no setup fee required.


What Lottoraiser can do for you!


  1. Makes everything simple.
  2. Control all draw info. Change the lotto type and style to suit your needs.
  3. Promotes to social media. Player reminders posted on Facebook and Twitter, automatically letting your players know of upcoming draws.
  4. Email players about draws. Interested players get an email reminder, and if they enter, will get the results when the draw is closed.
  5. Mobile and SEO friendly. Most people play on mobile devices so we accommodate all major devices and browsers.
  6. For your players, No login required. No sign up required by players, just enter in ticket details, pay and go system.
  7. Creates Posters. Customised or preselected poster to bring an added wow to your lotto results.
  8. Email Newspapers + Others. Emails draw results to newspapers or others, for example, if you want to publish your results in a newspaper advert.
  9. Payments handled by PayPal. PayPal is trusted worldwide, encrypted and very secure.
  10. Funds transferred into your bank. Funds transferred directly into your bank account each week.
  11. Save player tickets. Players have the last 5 tickets held on record, so they can quickly reuse and purchase tickets.
  12. Flexible payments for players. Full payment upfront or a subscription. Players can choose their purchase commitment level for one draw or multiple draws.
  13. No block purchase commitments. No block payments requiring a minimum purchase of 20 tickets. Players also can cancel their ticket at any time.
  14. Lottoraiser keeps detailed records. All draw summaries and invoice receipts saved and backed up.
  15. Ticket cheating prevented. Player Tickets are encoded with ticket information and stop tampering.


Lottoraiser, making online fundraising simple for you.