The Lottoraiser Story 

I worked St. Brendan's Village, a small charity organisation with a big need for fundraising. One of the ways it did this was to run a traditional local lotto. Every Thursday my job was to collect tickets, count the money, do all the little jobs in between and then send out the results to the local shops.

I have a passion for technology, so naturally the first thing they asked me was…  "Could the local lotto be put online?"

To be honest I looked online and found available options very disappointing. They had some huge setup fees or the service they offered was sadly lacking. This was the 21st Century and I knew computers could do so much more. But for a small charity with an even smaller budget, price point was the biggest deciding factor.

So I set about designing and writing the Lottoraiser system with all the bells and whistles ... and I was really proud of it. After the first six months the funding income reached over €330 p/m, after 12 months it was €550 p/m ... month after month it still continued to rise (+15 months €680 p/m).

Some people are so scared of the internet it literally drains the blood from them. Or some find social media so boring, the last thing they want to do is to spend 5 more minutes on it. Or some have so many important tasks in a day, they completely forget about the little jobs. Lottoraiser will confidently manage the whole online fundraising campaign for you like a specialised team of digital marketeers.

But the manager turned around and said "That's great but what happens when you aren't here? Is it simple to use?" That hit me like a ton of bricks … and he was right, sometimes I think everyone loves computers and technology as much as I do.

That was the "ah hah" moment, making Lottoraiser easier to use without needing a human to stand constantly over it. Once your lottoraising is setup, the system completes every task, every time, every week. Lottoraiser can increase web traffic, promote your story through social media and distribute email reminders … this leaves you with more time on the things that truly matter.


And as much as it breaks my heart to say… besides me, nobody cares if Lottoraiser is a technical masterpiece. People who need Lottoraiser, need something that works and gives them confidence. The confidence that all their online fundraising chores will be done without constant attention and with minimal of fuss.

James Grimshaw

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We depend on voluntary fundraising to a great extent and we needed to raise our profile to generate more revenue for our cause.

Lottoraiser is continuing to raise much needed funds for our charity and we look forward to this continuing to increase even more over time.

I know it will be of great benefit to any group who need to raise revenue to continue their work.

Dr Jerry Cowley

Dr Jerry Cowley, Chairman

Mulranny Day Centre Housing CLG