Lottoraiser Electrify, Enhance and Expand your Worldwide

Online Lottery Fundraiser or "Lottoraiser"

is an online Lotto iTicket selling system for fundraising purposes.

Lottoraiser markets, promotes and distributes your local lottery tickets through the internet.



  • You have a local lottery for fundraising and you want to take it to the next level.
  • You want to take it online because you have heard that it is high visibility and low cost.
  • … But you don't know anything about the internet.

Can't someone just do that for you? ... Yes Lottoraiser can!


The whole lottery draw process has been simplified with automatic tools that master the internet for you. Everything pre-draw, from promoting and selling your tickets, to post-draw, creating a poster and publishing the results to social media and more. We don't just want something that works … we want a system that makes whole process better.

Lottoraiser is "fundraising for you" so you have more time to manage what is truly important. Once we understand your draw requirements we can do so much for you … the only thing you have to do, is enter in the end of draw results and close. Lottoraiser will handle everything before, after and the little day to day tasks between.

 We maximise your fundraising revenues, increase your web traffic and online presence!


But you are probably more interested in two important questions!

How much can I expect to make? and How much will it cost?

In June 2016 we began testing, implementing and improving Lottoraiser live. This gave us figures and results, which we took and made Lottoraiser better for the next week. So if you ask us what we can do for you, we can show results based on real figures.


Graph shows the total online earnings per month from the start of the Lottoraiser system.

Graph shows the total online earnings per month from the start of the Lottoraiser system.


How much can I expect to make?

1) For the Year of 2017 the average total net income was €7,086 (per club/organisation). This means an Extra 29% on top of the total physical collection to you and your fundraising.

How much will it cost?

2) We are running a Special, sign up with us now and Our Commission is 10% - No Setup Fee - No Ticket Seller Fee. That's right if we don't sell a single ticket ... you don't pay a single cent.


Fundraising and totals are very important but it is not the only thing your online lotto should accomplish. It should also be a means of advertising you, bringing traffic to your website and letting people know what is currently going on. People want to believe in your cause and you! They want to know where their money is going, how are they helping? If you give them this it allows them to make the easy choice and support you.


Some of the extra benefits of The Lottoraiser system:

  • Lottoraiser simplifies the whole draw process by completing all online jobs for you.
  • Players can subscribe weekly, pay in full upfront or even cancel at any time.
  • No huge block purchases requiring a player to buy a minimum of €20 worth of tickets in one go. The minimum purchase is 1 ticket for 1 draw. Completely flexible to players payment requirements.
  • Automatic adverts and notifications. Every week Lottoraiser will advertise and notify all players through Facebook, Twitter and Email.
  • Makes your website the centre of attention while the Lottoraiser system runs quietly behind the scenes. This means all SEO and website traffic will be yours, this is very important in this digital age as it increases your page ranking.
  • Make life easier and print digital tickets … and then make life even easier by using one of our Posters for your draw results.
  • All online entrees are notified as soon as draw is closed. Plus we can also notify any newspaper or advertisers.
  • Get automatic notifications of your weekly accounts, full donation lists to keep your accountant happy.


Talk to us, tell us about your fundraising needs

… and we could start generating revenue for you now.


Contact Us!

If you have any Queries or just want to know what we can do for you... Please contact us with our email form.


We depend on voluntary fundraising to a great extent and we needed to raise our profile to generate more revenue for our cause.

Lottoraiser is continuing to raise much needed funds for our charity and we look forward to this continuing to increase even more over time.

I know it will be of great benefit to any group who need to raise revenue to continue their work.

Dr Jerry Cowley

Dr Jerry Cowley, Chairman

Mulranny Day Centre Housing CLG